Having identified the best cloud solution(s) for your business, the next step is getting them set up and working – deployment.

Whether it’s a full-on adoption of Google Workspace or adding just a single extra app to your business toolkit, you’re changing something – maybe how your employees collaborate, maybe how you interact with your customers. Large or small, any change needs management. And when you move to the cloud, or switch cloud solutions, you need to navigate the potential pitfalls and risks; including issues such as data migration, information security; and your employee’s tech skills and knowledge

The change management element is especially important to your business. You have to bring your people with you. This means establishing:

The drivers for change

Key business objectives

Expected ROI

Risks and mitigating factors

We can support your people with guided and timely communications and training, ensuring they know what the changes will be, why they are necessary, what the benefits are, and – importantly – how to use the new solution(s) to get the most benefit from them.

Over the years, the Cloud Computer Company has supported hundreds of businesses to deploy cloud and communications solutions, train workforces to use them, and generally manage the shift to better ways of working with minimum disruption to business.

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