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Google Workspace is arguably the world’s most popular suite of cloud productivity tools.

Google’s well-established cloud-based collaboration modules include Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and many more. One of the benefits of Google Workspace for business is the suitability of these tools for any size of operation – from small to medium-sized enterprises with streamlined teams to globe-spanning corporations juggling a workforce of thousands. Google Workspace enables seamless collaboration at any scale of operation.

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Simplify how you work

Use Google Workspace for business email, video conferencing, cloud storage and file sharing. Get all the tools that your team needs to collaborate and get more done.


Create and Collaborate

Manage and Control

With Google Workspace, everyday teamworking is enhanced

Decisions are made quickly and easily, and you don’t have to worry about file storage or security.

Shared calendars and scheduling meetings

Shared calendars ensure transparency – everyone can see what their colleagues’ scheduled commitments are – and that increases efficiency.

Scheduling meetings becomes easy. And seamless integration with Gmail, Meet and Docs means meetings invitations are automatic and all the necessary documents, spreadsheets and slides will be available in one place.

In a world where remote working or working from home is becoming widespread, Meet enables both voice and videos meetings, with easy-to-use screen and document-sharing.

Collaborate in real time

Simultaneous working on documents by multiple people becomes straightforward with Docs, with all changes and additions visible in real-time and saved automatically.

Google Mail: Secure business email

Gmail offers a full set of customised email services, including Smart Reply, Smart Compose and grammar suggestions to keep all your e-communications solidly professional. And if, having read an email, you need to jump on a call, Google Workspace’s seamless integration means a quick video conference is a click away. What’s more, for your security and protection, spam, phishing attacks and malware are kept at bay.


All Google Workspace security measures can be configured and managed centrally, and include 2-step verification and single-sign-on, plus endpoint management that keeps your data safe in the case of lost or stolen devices or employee turnover.


Finally – and flexibly! – Google Workspace is accessible and fully functional regardless of the device used to access it. All apps are optimised for use via desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

As one of the original “Australian Google Apps Authorized Resellers” we have been helping companies integrate Google into the way they work since 2008.

As Google Workspace consultants and trainers, we have years of experience in maximising the possibilities of this comprehensive suite of cloud collaboration tools. Our in-depth Google Workspace training will get your people up to speed as quickly as possible. Talk to us about how Google Workspace can take your business up a level.

But do you really need a ‘partner’?

Why not just go to Google direct?

This is a common question from businesses thinking about taking the plunge with Google Workspace and the basic difference is the choice of taking an off-the-shelf package or having something tailored specifically for your business.

Benefits of working with a Google Partner

Working direct with Google Working with the Cloud Computer Company
Technology solutions Standard, off the shelf Customised and tailored to your business
Deployment and installation Down to you Our certified Google specialists will plan and carry out a deployment strategy in line with Google best practice
Managing the change Again, down to you (supported by an online Google guide) We help you ensure your people are on board with the new technology and tools.
Price ticket $AUD $AUD

Your business is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach is always a compromise. If you’re transforming your business, we can tailor that transformation to fit you.

Which Google Workspace package is right for you?

Google Workspace plans start as low as $8.40 per user per month for Business Starter, $16.80 per user per month for Business Standard, and $25.20 per user per month for Business Plus.

Business Starter
$ 8.40
AUD / user / month
  • Custom and secure business email
  • 100 participant video meetings
  • 30 GB cloud storage per user
  • Security and management controls
  • Standard Google Support
Business Standard
$ 16.80
AUD / user / month
  • Custom and secure business email
  • 150 participant video meetings + recording
  • 2 TB cloud storage per user
  • Security and management controls
  • Standard Google Support (paid upgrade to Enhanced Support)
Business Plus
$ 25.20
AUD / user / month
  • Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention
  • 250 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking
  • 5 TB cloud storage per user
  • Enhanced security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management
  • Standard Google Support (paid upgrade to Enhanced Support)
Trial Google Workspace for free and find out why so many businesses rely on Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Docs and more for all their business collaboration needs.
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