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Look no further for a cloud company partnered with the best solution providers, and with the most advantageous contracts. We give our clients best-fit solutions and the best support by leveraging our portfolio.

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Patronum is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for Google Workspace Administrators. Complete user onboarding and offboarding, contact sharing, email signature management, Google Drive management, organisational charts and much more. Are you ready to become the master of your domain?

Afi Google Workspace Backup is the latest generation of data protection with fast & responsive UI and 2-3x faster backup/restore performance compared to legacy vendors. Afi was built from the ground up to support Google Workspace apps with full fidelity. It is powered by modern cloud architecture based on micro-services and leverages AI technology to protect your data against ransomware, provide better resiliency and automate backup operations.

Why use a Cloud Computer Company tech partner?

The Cloud Computer company works with industry-leading technology suppliers. With our extensive supplier portfolio, our experts will advise you on the best options for your business and how to implement them. We can guarantee that your business needs will be met.

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Based in Australia, as Google Workspace certified specialists, we can help you transform your business no matter where in the world you are.

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