48 years ago today – WOW

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Still remember sitting in the lounge room absolutely transfixed by what was happening on the TV. Thinking back, watching Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon and subsequent Apollo missions, started my life in IT. First with electronics, and then CB and Ham radio and then computers in the 80’s.

The Apollo 11 crew landed using a computer that had 5,000 primitive integrated circuits, weighed 30 kg and cost over $150,000. The computer didn’t have a disk drive, only 74 kilobytes of memory that had been literally hard-wired, and all of 4 Kb of something that was sort of like RAM.

A lot of the science that created all of this is taken for granted today. The cliche that your watch or mobile phone has more computing power than the computer that landed man on the moon is quite true, and having been a watcher, a student and a teacher at times, I can’t wait to see what the next 48 years brings.